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Andre Lukin

An artist lives and works in New York City.

Medium: Photography, Photo-based art, Collage

Born 1986, Salavat, Russia

  • Statement

Andre Lukin's photographs are the search for the simple and present in a complex and distorted world. He is looking for details within and juxtapositions of architectural structures, striving to capture and show the dialogue between an unnatural world and its human creators.

Lukin believes that in each perspective you can find both harmony and dissonance worthy of being re-presented in a creative form.
He started to take photography more seriously in 2012. His visceral and passionate interest in architecture and cityscapes comes from a child's desire to be an architect. 
The urban setting, with its geometry and abstract compositions, is a perfect home for that interest.

His photography is not just a traditional urban landscape. It is a complex vision of both abstract and minimal details in urban and natural environments.
In 2016 Lukin began to use a diagonal shooting approach, at first just in the city and then progressing to a natural scale. He is still exploring this approach and its application in the creation of abstract patterns.


  • Education

2006-2011 - Moscow State Law Academy, Master’s Degree, Law

2012-2013 - Art School of Free Workshops at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art

  • Group shows

January, 2018 - 20th Annual Postcards from The Edge, hosted by Visual Aids at Gallery 524, New York, NY

January, 2016 - Cell Phone Photography IV: Moving Past the Camera, Texas Photographic Society

September, 2013 - The Acting Arts, ArtPlay, Moscow, Russia

September, 2013 - Art Factory, V Festival of Contemporary art, Saratov, Russia 


Works in private collections in New York, Houston, Amsterdam, Moscow.

Photo by Xenia Garrofe


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